SYB 2016 July Newsletter 海上青焙坊2016年7月简报月刊

From disadvantaged Chinese youth to outstanding Young Bakers: the 8th batch students graduated with flying colours


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The Graduation Ceremony took place at naked Hub, a creative co-working space near West Nanjing Road. SYB’s sponsors, partners, as well as representatives from the F&B industry, chefs from five-star hotels and many other SYB supporters gathered at this place, dressed in bright colours to celebrate the success of our 29 students. 


During the ceremony, students came onstage one by one to receive the diplomas handed by Ms. Helene Hovasse, Head of Agro-business Dpt, Business France, and Mr. Yan Zhijun, Vice-Director of the Shanghai Charity Education & Traning Center. “I was perplexed about my future last year when I graduated from high school… Later on, through the introduction of Madaifu and after an interview of SYB, I was selected to be a part of this program.” Liu, one of the best graduates of the 8th batch shared his story. Just like him, coming from all over China, students are brought together by the will of being financially independent and their passion for bakery. Ms. Zhu, HRD of W hotel Bund Shanghai, was touched to see their progress: “They shared a lot of their great stories with me… (they are) grateful for how lucky they are”.


Apart from the touching moments, there was also a lot of fun during the ceremony. “What a well organized event with many engaging activities”, said Ms. Lin from SVG China. In addition to the buffet and the bar, served with authentic French finger foods made by SYB and fresh wine kindly offered by French Cellar, a wish tree, a photo booth offered by our long-term in-kind sponsor Chaos Studio, bread tasting with SYB’s award-winning trainer Zhang Zhenghai, annual lucky draw, etc. created plenty of beautiful surprises for all the attendees.

除了感动的瞬间,毕业典礼上也充满了欢乐。“这场活动组织得非常好,有许多与来宾互动的环节”,来自舜益公益慈善咨询的林女士感叹道。晚会上不仅有SYB制作的正宗法式迷你西点和由红酒商“两瓶”免费提供的美味红酒,还有“心愿树”以及由SYB长期友情伙伴Chaos Studio赞助的照相亭背景板,再加上金牌教练张政海的面包试吃环节和年度幸运抽奖,这一切都为来宾创造无数美妙的惊喜

Earlier that day, 8 companies, varying from private bakeries to famous bakery chains took part in the Career Fair to meet and interview the 29 skillful and motivated Young Bakers. The fresh graduates are now weighing their options to choose the best starting point for their new career.


On behalf of the Young Bakers and SYB team, we would like to thank you all for making this evening a great success and for your all-time support! In the 8th year of this program, we hope to perpetuate our service to help more and more impoverished Chinese youths lead an independent and happy life.


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Mia LV, Projects Coordinator

吕珮琳, 项目