The Young Bakers & SYB graduates gather to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival! 浓情九月,SYB新老学员齐聚中秋

The Young Bakers & SYB graduates gather to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival!


On Thursday, September 5th, the Young Bakers and SYB team gathered for what has now become a tradition at SYB: dinner at the baking center to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival!

2016年9月5日 礼拜二(9月5日),这一天,对于海上青焙坊的学员们和团队们来说,齐聚一堂欢聚中秋已经成为了传统:在烘焙中心一起欢度中秋佳节。

For the occasion, the 32 Young Bakers worked very hard to prepare delicious dishes, each of them with their own style or twist, as they all come from different places around China, with different traditions and taste.


It was also a great chance for the new students to meet some of the SYB graduates who are now working in Shanghai and who will become important people in their development as bakers, but also will stand as their new family! The students also got the opportunity to know Xiao Jinjin (Flore), SYB’s former pastry teacher and now the SYB social enterprise’s technical director, as well as Zhang Zhenghai (Pierre), our former bakery teacher now working at a prestigious baking company, who both gave very inspiring speeches to the students about the year to come.


After having dinner, mingling and eating mooncakes, the Young Bakers impressed all of us with more than an hour of fun entertainment, singing popular Chinese songs, playing games with the audience, acting a short play and last but not least, singing the “SYB song”, a new feature this year!

晚餐过后,在欢谈中一起食用月饼,在接下来的一个多小时里,学员们的趣味表演,演唱华语歌曲,和观众们一起进行趣味竞赛,表演短剧,而且在最后,他们竟然演唱了‘SYB song’,往年并没有这个节目,这可是今年的新特色。

For the SYB team, this evening is always a great moment of joy as we see not only the graduates’ attachment to the program, but also their increasing confidence, and hope in their future.



 Program Director