The Young Bakers discover about the large baking industry market 海上青焙坊发现之旅:巨大的烘焙产业市场

The Young Bakers discover about the large baking industry market


On October 27th, two months after the start of their intensive training, the students had the opportunity to visit one of Asia’s largest bakery fair, Bakery China, taking place for 3 days in Shanghai.

10月27日(星期四),在学员们开始集训后的两个月,学员们有机会能够参观亚洲最大的烘焙展览会之一—— 中国国际焙烤展览会,该展会在上海展开为期三天的展览活动。

A great chance for them to learn about different actors of the baking industry: from machinery, factory equipment, local and imported ingredients, tools, packaging, everything was there for the Young Bakers to discover a whole new world of bakery, much larger than they knew. They also had to chance different products, compare quality and watch some demonstrations by experts of the industry.




The baking industry has been developing extremely fast over the past years and China has been very curious in learning new technics and using ingredients from abroad, from Europe and other Asian countries, such as Japanand South Korea which already have recognized skills. China has been improving its level and more and more people have found an interest in baking, whetherfor fun or professionally-speaking. 




At the end of the day, the Young Bakers had realized how much the bakery and pastry industry has to offer in terms of career and development and they will for sure be able to find opportunities upon their graduation.




Program Advisor