That’s Shanghai: Two young bakers bake their way from Inner Mongolia to Shanghai 2名海上青焙坊学生从内蒙古到上海的烘焙之路

That’s Shanghai: Two Young Bakers bake their way from Inner Mongolia to Shanghai


Story of two SYB students is on magazine That’s Shanghai, check out the excerpt below.

海上青焙坊两个学生的故事刊登在杂志That‘s Shanghai上,一起来看看精彩片段的中文版吧!

Of the class, Inner Mongolia native Ben Gu (20) and Sam Xue (19) probably traveled the longest distance to get to Shanghai. Being so far away from home for the first time was challenging in the beginning, but both were eager to explore opportunities in big cities.

“I really enjoy the atmosphere here, it feels like a big family. We didn’t know anyone else when we first arrived, but since our classmates are all around our age, we hit it off quickly and the dynamic became so much fun. I really enjoy spending time with the group,” Gu says.



But it’s not all fun and games. SYB’s yearlong intense vocational training program involves both theory and practice classes on French bakery, in addition to segments on Chinese pastry making, English language training, life skills and internships at hotel kitchens.

While both students enjoy the hands-on experience of practice classes, Gu adds: “I think the life skills class is very important too. I’ve become a lot more independent as a result of it.”

With just a little over a month until graduation, the best friends are hoping to stay in Shanghai afterwards. “I want to focus on pastry and be really good at it – especially in making desserts and cakes. One day, if I do return [to Inner Mongolia], I think it will be useful. There’s a market for sweets.” He also adds, “I think I’ll be baking and making pastries for a very long time; I really enjoy doing it.”