Taste gratitude in SYB’s bakers basket 小编打探之三:上海最有情意的面包甜点盒

Taste gratitude in SYB’s bakers basket


If you recall, our editor discovered last week the enormous appetite of the two ovens in the SYB baking center. The image of those ingredients consumed in a year, namely, more than 4 tons of flour, 1.5 tons of eggs, 1 ton of butter, etc. has left too much an impression in her mind. When these ingredients are transformed into baked products, it means that every week about 630 pieces of bread or 570 pieces of desserts of various sizes are baked in the ovens. What will happen to these products? Our hard-working editor will get you an answer. 



Shanghai Young Bakers provides its training, free of charge, to the students replying on sponsorships and donations from enterprises and individuals. Since 2011 SYB has been running some commercial activities, the proceeds of which all go to the charity program as a supplement to the sponsorships. These commercial activities include teambuilding classes targeted at enterprises and organizations, and public classes for baking amateurs. Of course, SYB also accepts ordering and provides catering services.



However, if you are like our editor who prefers eating to baking, here comes just the right news for you: by simply clicking on your cell phone, you can order from the SYB Wechat shop and receive a box of bread or desserts every Thursday. Now our editor feels much happier.



The SYB Wechat shop sells students’ products which change every two weeks and delivery is done every Thursday. There are two sizes to choose from, with price varying from RMB 160 to 320. During the weeks when students bake bread, you can get either a smaller box containing 10 pieces of bread or a larger box of 20 pieces. In the weeks when our students make pastry, you can get either a smaller box of 10 portions of desserts or a larger box of 20 portions. A family of three can finish a smaller box in three meals, which is the right amount of time for best consumption. A larger box is more suitable for a friends’ party, afternoon tea break or celebrating a colleague’s birthday in a company. A larger box of bread could look like this:




SYB bakers’ boxes are probably the most special in Shanghai because they have a unique ingredient, which is love. Our students have an average age of 18 and they all come from poverty stricken families. Some of them had to leave school early and some had to join the forces of migrant workers at a young age. They are full of gratitude of having had such an opportunity to learn French bakery and pastry in Shanghai and work in five-star hotels or bakery shops after graduation. With their salary, they can be independent and also help their families. Please take a look at what our students have to say.

海上青焙坊的面包和甜品盒子大概是上海最有情意的了,因为在这些面包和甜品的配方里,有一样特殊配料,大概是海上青焙坊独有的,它就是 — 爱。我们的学员平均年龄18岁,都来自家境贫寒的家庭,他(她)们有的被迫早早辍学,有的离开家乡,过早踏上打工之路。能够有这样一个机会,来到上海,免费学习正宗的法式烘焙,一年之后可以在五星级酒店或者高档面包房找到烘焙师的工作,工资不仅可以养活自己,还可以帮到家里,我们的学员心里充满了感激之情。来看看他们亲手写下的话吧:


The love replenishing the hearts of our students can also be tasted in the bread and desserts they bake. Now they would like to share their gratitude with more people so that they can also witness their growth and maturity. Come and place an order at the SYB Wechat shop. You will be contributing to our charity program and helping more underprivileged teenagers change their lives. Please access our Wechat shop from the QR code below. All proceeds from the Wechat shop go to our charity program.