SYB Baking Story-Chapter 5 | Zeng Juanjuan & Lemon Tart海上青焙坊烘焙故事-第五章|曾娟娟和柠檬挞配方


SYB Baking Story- Chapter 5 | Zeng Juanjuan & Lemon Tart

海上青焙坊烘焙故事-第五章 | 曾娟娟和柠檬挞配方

With love for charity and passion for bakery, Zeng Juanjuan was sent by AmKham, an NGO is Qinghai, to study French pastry with SYB. When she graduates, she will go back to Qinghai to help the NGO develop their social cafe in Yushu, and open a bakery training to help disadvantaged youth affected by the earthquake. In this video, Zeng shows her expertise in traditional French pastry by demonstrating her favorite recipe: lemon tart.



Click the picture above to check out the video to discover her story with SYB and the simplified steps to making a perfect lemon tart, you can also sign up for the Lemon Tart & Fenetra (orange almond tart) class on May.21st to learn more!


The video is fully sponsored by CARAT China