SYB 2016 March Newsletter 海上青焙坊2016年3月简报月刊

Our dear 149 graduates & 30 students, the SYB family!


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Frequently we are asked about what the students have become after graduation and if we are still in touch with them. Actually to me, one of the most amazing part of our work is the fulfillment of meeting up with the graduates working for different bakery-related companies around Shanghai and China, mostly in private quality bakeries or western-style restaurants and high-end hotels. Indeed, with now 149 graduates from the program, we are very proud to be able to keep in touch with them and follow them along their career as bakers. Very often we have the chance to see one or several of them at our baking center, where they come to have a chat or to help out our teachers with the social enterprise services, or even just as amazing, to help the current students by sharing their experience. Thanks to them, SYB can feel like a home away from home to the current students.


The joy of meeting up with the graduates on a regular basis is one of the most rewarding part of our job, and their achievements never cease to amaze us! For instance, we are extremely proud to now have a graduate working as the Sous-Chef at the Portman Ritz-Carlton hotel, another one working as Chef Baker and managing a whole team at a French bakery in Ningbo, two of them currently working at Junior Bakers for our long-term partner yeast producer Lesaffre and with promising career evolution…We also have graduates working as bakers and pastry Chefs for high-end restaurants or bakeries in Shanghai such as Barney’s Bakery, and other big cities such as Xian, Guangzhou, Beijing…


Given the high and growing demand for qualified bakers in China, and the recognition of their training at SYB, the students receive at least 2 to 3 job offers each to choose from before graduation and are able to confirm their employment within two weeks upon graduation. Thus, we are very pleased to be able to serve as a platform between the professional bakery network and our freshly graduates, and you are welcome to contact us if you would like to become SYB’ official employment partner! We also organize a career fair in July each year, where interested companies present their job opportunities and meet the students.


After graduation, most of the students decide to stay in Shanghai and some prefer to go to second-tier cities closer to their home. How they will choose their job will depend mainly on one thing: how much they can keep learning and improving within the company. It is extremely moving to see their strong passion for baking, especially as none of them had tasted French-style bread before joining SYB!

Thanks to number one global media agency Carat, we are able to keep unforgettable testimonies from some of them, through a series of 6 short videos showcasing the impact of SYB on the life of our students, graduates and teachers, and how baking has changed their life. We invite all of you to watch these very touching videos here and to share them with your friends and colleagues, but most of all to take action is supporting our social mission by signing up to our public baking classes!



 Emilie, Program Director