ELLE 世界时装之苑 – 海上请焙坊: 第一批“海归”培训师

November 2011 (p 210)

海上请焙坊: 第一批“海归”培训师

SYB : the first batch of returnees now trainers

Do you still remember the French lady Cecile, who organizes French traditional bakery training to underprivileged Chinese teenager? This past year, two things made her particularly happy. First, thanks to French brand Sweetpearl’s sponsorship, Shanghai Young Bakers finally has its own baking centre. Second, the top three SYB students were sent to study in France, at the worldwide renowned bakery school EFBA. After completing their studies, they came back to China and are now employed by French company Lesaffre to act as trainers for SYB. “Now, we don’t need to borrow other people’s place anymore, and we have finally (developed) our own trainers.”

Cecile’s voice fills with pride when she talks about the three trainers: “After just half a year, they obtained the authoritative French vocational CAP diploma, speak fluent French and made friends with all their EFBA classmates”.

This early September, SYB welcomed 21 new students as part of the fourth enrollment. “We’re also starting to work with other charity organizations, such as SOS Village, and hope to combine our strengths”. Amongst the new students, one comes all the way from Tibet. This young volunteer was recommended by Braille Without Borders, the school for the visually impaired set up in Tibet by the German blind woman Sabriya. “They also plan to open bakery classes for their students. After following the training with us, the volunteer will then be a able to adapt it for blind students.”

Now, SYB has started one-day baking lessons for the public, and also welcomes companies interested in holding teambuilding events. “Together with Carrefour, our main sponsor, we hope that, with an additional source of income, SYB will have the means to have an independent and sustainable development.”