Chocolate training with Sinodis Chefs 与西诺迪斯一起的巧克力探索之旅

Chocolate training with Sinodis Chefs


In June, the Young Bakers met Chef Lily and Chef Albert at the Sinodis Chef Studio, to learn about chocolate.

六月份,海上青焙坊的学生们见到了西诺迪斯 Chef Studio厨师工作室的Lily与Albert,并学习了有关巧克力的知识。


The Chefs first introduced the three chocolates brands than Sinodis has been distributing all over China: DGF and Valrhona, which the students are very familiar with, and the new comer; Republica del Cacao.

In addition of the three common types of chocolate, dark, milk and white, the students got to learn about a new product by DGF: blond chocolate.

主厨们首先介绍了三种在全国各地销售的巧克力品牌,前两种是海上青焙坊青年烘焙师已经很熟悉的迪吉福DGF与法芙娜VALRHONA,还有一个对于学生们还比较陌生的巧克力品牌 Republica del Cacao。



After some theory came the practice, a great way to remind them about the importance of tempering chocolate as well as to give them advice and tricks on how to reach perfect results.

With a few weeks till they graduate and enter the professional world, the training was a great addition to what they had already learnt throughout the year, and they realized that it takes a lot of practice to have the perfect result!



On behalf of the Young Bakers I would like to give warm thanks to Sinodis team and Chefs for giving their time and sharing their professional knowledge with the students!


Emilie, Program Director