8 Apr Level 2 Class | The Art and Beauty of French Pastry 4月8日中级烘焙公开课 | 高颜值甜点课来啦!

8 Apr Level 2 Class | The Art and Beauty of French Pastry

4月8日中级烘焙公开课 | 高颜值甜点课来啦! 

Join us for our very first Level 2 Pastry Class happening this year!

On 8th April, the stage is set for Éclair, Religieuse and Chocolate Mousse Cake – authentic French recipes where beauty meets taste!



Éclair 手指泡芙

Ever wondered what ‘éclair’ means? In French, it means “lightning.” This came about when Parisians in the 19th Century were so in love with the taste of éclairs that the eclairs in their hands were eaten up at the speed of lightning. 


Thanks to the elongated shape of éclairs, one does not need to worry about making a mess even when eating at lightning speed! Enjoy this treat anytime and anywhere with grace. Learn to make your perfect éclair with a step-by-step demonstration and hands-on practice with our professional pastry teacher!



Religieuse 修女泡芙

Invented by a famous pastry chef by the name of Frascati, Religieuse was a major hit throughout France. Originally a square puff with custard cream filling and whipped cream topping, Religieuse evolved into two stacked choux puffs decorated with whipped cream by the end of the 19th Century. Its appearance resembles a nun’s habit and thus, it is also sometimes referred to as “The Nun”.

创造者是当时巴黎一个很有名的甜点冰淇淋师傅弗拉斯卡堤 Frascati。一时间便很快地造成全国风潮。Frascati 一开始做的这种泡芙是里面有卡式达奶油馅的方形泡芙,上面淋上打发过的鮮奶油。到了 19 世紀末演变成把一个小圆形泡芙叠在另一个大的圆形泡芙上,上层的小泡芙裝饰奶油滚边,像极了修女的罩袍,法国人就把这种模样的甜点叫做“修女泡芙”。

This classic recipe, Religieuse, is still very popular in France today.



Chocolate Mousse 巧克力慕斯

Last but not least, we will have Chocolate Mousse Cake! Perhaps one of the most well-loved and well-known cake recipes throughout the world, Shanghai Young Bakers has one ingredient that is sure to make you fall in love. 


Valrhona Chocolate. One of the top chocolate brands in the world, this French chocolate will give SYB’s Chocolate Mousse Cake a luxurious taste and texture that will melt your heart away.


Event Details:

Date & Time: 8th April 2017, 10am-5pm

Location: Shanghai Young Bakers Baking Center, Shanghai, Putuo District, Suide Road 

Price: 880RMB/person  

Please note: Registration ends on 6th April at 6pm. The class will be cancelled if there are less than 8 sign ups. Thank you for your support and we seek your kind understanding. 






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Email: baking@shanghaiyoungbakers.com

Contact Number: 136 8168 7194






We look forward to seeing you soon!