15 Apr Public Class | Experience the best of French bakery! 4月15日公开课 | 品味法式面包的传奇之作,就在这一堂课!


15 Apr Public Class | Experience the best of French bakery!

4月15日公开课 | 品味法式面包的传奇之作,就在这一堂课!

If you call yourself a baker, a baking enthusiast or a foodie for that matter, there is one particular bread you have to know.The most well-known and famous of all French breads, we are talking about the Baguette.


Since baguette is regarded as the symbol of French culture, you can also look forward to experiencing the French tradition of making bread here in Shanghai! 


A good baguette is crusty outside, soft on the inside and has large, irregular holes. Join us to learn how to bake that perfect baguette!The other recipe for the class will be Focaccia, which is a popular European bread.


Focaccia is a type of flat-bread that is similar to pizza and originates from Northern Italy. The word Focaccia is derived from the Latin “focus”, meaning “centre” in English. Back in the day, the hearth is the center of every home in Italy and was where Focaccia was baked.

福卡恰,源于意大利北方,为意大利传统家常面包。Focaccia 这个字源于拉丁字 “focus”,相当于英文 “centre”,指的就是位于家庭正中央的壁炉,所以福卡恰是利用炉火烤的面包。

Topped with simple ingredients such as cheese, herbs, vegetables and even meat, the Focaccia is similar to pizzas in terms of style. The difference is in the amount of leavening used, which allows the Focaccia dough to rise significantly higher than pizza dough to create a soft and chewy texture. 


Come on down to have your bread fresh from the oven!


Event Details:

Date & Time: 15th April 2017, 10am-3pm

Location: Shanghai Young Bakers Baking Center, Shanghai, Putuo District, Suide Road 

Price: 600RMB/person ( includes 100RMB lunch – if there more than 10 people register, lunch is on us! )

Please note: Registration ends on 13th April at 6pm. The class will be cancelled if there are less than 8 sign ups. Thank you for your support and we seek your kind understanding. 







To register:

Please contact our Social Enterprise Manager, Andrea:

Email: baking@shanghaiyoungbakers.com

Contact Number: 136 8168 7194