Young Bakers Had Their First Bakery Discovery Tour

Young Bakers Had Their First Bakery Discovery Tour

Teacher Wang explains the different products to Young Bakers

On the afternoon of September 11, SYB‘s 11th batch of students embarked upon an enlightening discovery tour of Jingan District’s bakeries.

The SYB Shanghai Bakery Discovery Tour has become a tradition that’s carried out at the start of each school year. For the new students, it’s their first direct contact with the many different styles and types of bakeries and baked goods in the commercial market.

Teacher Wang, who returned this summer from a year of intense bakery training in France, was the students’ guide for the day. For her, seeing the bakeries again brought back fond memories of her discovery tour as a young student several years ago.

A student pays close attention to the products

Most of the bakeries were concentrated on Anfu Road and Julu Road. The Young Bakers visited a variety of bakeries including internet-famous Gaobige, ones that sell traditional French breads and pastries, and others that sell traditional Chinese-style breads and pastries.

In just one short afternoon, they were introduced to the differences between Chinese and Western products, and hard and soft European bread. The students were asked to pay attention to the different ways in which each bakery was decorated and laid out, and to how the products were displayed in each.

A student taking notes

The bakery discovery tour was more than just a simple look-see promenade. Along the entire route the students were actively engaged in photograph-taking, note-writing, and question-asking. The students were asked to think about, discuss, and answer questions like “what were the main products” and “what does it take to run a successful bakery”.

Teacher Wang encouraged the students to observe closely but to not be intimidated by the seemingly boundless variety of breads and pastries. She assured the students that they would soon be learning how to make most of the products they saw starting with the world-famous French croissant. And best of all, we’re all looking forward to tasting their delicious creations!

Students posing questions to Teacher Wang

For most of the students, this was their first visit to Jing’an, one of Shanghai’s main business districts. And for them, seeing so many foreign faces along the way was a novelty. Program Director Marine explained that many bakeries have opened in the area because many foreigners live there, and most foreigners like to eat bread. Many of the bakeries have English names and Marine helped the curious students with translation and pronunciation.

Today’s discovery tour was not only an eye-opener regarding bread and bakeries, but it also made the students aware of the importance of English to their future careers. We are all confident that the Young Bakers will make great progress in the year ahead!

Echo Guo

Communication Coordinator

Translation: Michael