You Can Help



Yes, you.
I’m talking to you, who are realizing that your career in accounting does not make you happy.
And to you too, who simply have a lot of free time and don’t know what to do with it.
And to you, as well, whose dream is to make the world a better place.
Or even to you, who have just quit your job and would like to take a break.
I’m talking to all of you and I say: “You can help.”


“Could you explain to me what the Shanghai Young Bakers are actually doing?”

Let’s be a bit more serious for a minute.
No need to come from a rural area in Guangxi to understand that not everyone starts in life with equal opportunities. Depending on where you are born, the factory can often be closer than the university.
Shanghai Young Bakers decided to reroll the dices and to give a second chance to the ones excluded from stable employment. The way we do it is not only to give our students bakery and pastry courses but also to teach them how to speak in public, how to write their CVs, how to do basic accounting, etc. The objective is to make them independent in their future professional lives.
Help us to help them, and be proud when you will look at that nice bakery around the corner, or at that fancy hotel at the top of a skyscraper, and think that, inside, there is a young man from Guangxi who found his vocation.

“Oh, I see. Then, how could I help you guys?”

Well, you tell us! If you know yourself, you know how you can help! Some examples to give you some ideas:
  • You are not afraid to talk to people: Several times per months, we participate in events, such as Jiashan Market, where we like to explain to people who we are and what we do. How about you come for an hour or two and help to spread the word?
  • You are both fluent in Chinese and English: This article, as well as everything else we publish, is available in both languages; we always need translators from English to Chinese and vice versa!
  • Your camera is your best friend: We post new articles regularly, and what’s better than some good pictures to accompany the article? You have no idea how we would like you to take professional pictures of students!
  • You are the graphic artist kind of person: Once in a while, we need to create new flyers. A good occasion for you to show off with your Photoshop skills and add one more page to your portfolio, isn’t it?
  • Your friends usually come to you to organize parties: At SYB, it may not be all birthday parties, but we do organize many events. If you feel like you can make organization easier for us, feel free to get in touch!

“I think I can do that. So what’s next?”

We organize Volunteers Meeting once per month, the next one is on October 16th.
If you’re interested, just send us an email at We’ll indicate you the time and venue of this meeting; the next step is simply to come!

“What is Volunteer Meeting, exactly?”

A Volunteer Meeting usually comes with tasty pastries, great family atmosphere, and passionate people. There, we will explain you better what is Shanghai Young Bakers, what we do, how we do it, and how you can help us. We will take your contact info so that we can stay in touch. Above all, it is a privileged moment for us to meet you, and for you to meet other fellow Volunteers!

“See you there on October 16th, then!”

See you!
Valentin Pivert
Promotion Coordinator