Wellington x SYB: a great collaboration

You know, when you are an NGO, nothing is better than simply feeling supported. Hearing people saying “What you do is great!” really makes us feel better.
Whether you are an individual or an organization, whether you are a Customer tasting our products, a Sponsor providing in-kind/financial support, a Volunteer helping us out, or even an Ambassadors spreading our word, we are really grateful towards all of you.
Yet today, we would like to mention other ways to support us, and give a special thank you to Wellington College International Shanghai.

01 Hosting a market with SYB

The Wellington College International Shanghai was officially established on December 28th, 2015 (which means it celebrated its official 3rd birthday just a few days ago!). And only two months later, on February 26th, 2016, they were holding their first Charity Morning Coffee featuring SYB! The Charity Morning Coffee is a great event organized by the Friends of Wellington, gathering all kinds of charities from all over China, and bringing them exposure.
Since that day, Shanghai Young Bakers was invited several times by Wellington to be present at markets, Charity Morning Coffees and summer festivals. This collaboration means a lot: on their side, Wellington College International Shanghai’s market visitors can get professional and tasty breads and pastries, and on our side, SYB can raise both money helping us funding our charity program, and awareness for Chinese disadvantaged youth. A win-win collaboration!

02 Joining SYB’s baking workshops

This year, on December 6th, Wellington and SYB tried something new together: a baking workshop! Nine “Wellington Moms” decided to celebrate Christmas together, and bake nothing less than the famous Yule Log Cake! They came to our Baking Centre and had a lot of fun together with Jingyi, our Pastry teacher, Shuangxing, our graduate student, Eve, our Client Coordinator, Claire, our Volunteering translator, and Chum, our Volunteering Photographer!
With SYB’s workshops, you can learn bakery and support charity at the same time! You choose a day, a time, a place, and a bakery or pastry recipe, and we take care of the rest!
Whether you are an international school or not, if you and your organization are interested in collaborating with us, do not hesitate to contact us!


Hosting a market, joining our baking workshops are just two ways to collaborate up with us, there are many other ways!
One last piece of advice: in business as in life, take care of your partners! Enjoy your New Year’s Eve, and see you in 2019!


Valentin Pivert
Promotion Coordinator