Weekly Bakers Basket- A delicious date with Shanghai Young Bakers

Shanghai Young Bakers provides bakers baskets to customers once a week. In our bakers baskets, we have products made by our students, including aromatic breads or delicious desserts. From its first launch, those products have gained continuous support from our customers! Amongst those orders, some enterprise customers purchase our products as weekly afternoon tea for their employees and we also have personal orders which customers order products and share with their friends and family. After tasting our tasteful breads and desserts, some customers passionately send feedbacks to SYB. Let’s take a look at their comments!
Today’s Bread is fantastic!
I love every bread!
We really enjoyed the basket last time! How can we book one the next time? Thank you!!
I am very happy and moved when receiving bread every time. Appreciate on SYB students’ efforts.
We just got the delivery. It’s delicious.
These active purchase and sincere feedbacks show the recognition to the teachers and students of Shanghai Young Baker!


When our tenth batch students is about to take the next step to their new journey, our eleventh batch students’ training will start at the end of August! Shanghai Young Baker will return to the sight of the public at the beginning of September! Later we will keep updating the news about Shanghai Young Bakers weekly bakers baskets and everyone is welcomed to contact us to order through the following ways!
Phone: 136 8168 7194
YiHua Wu
Social Enterprise