The Young Bakers Learning English with Stepping Stones 海上青焙坊学员跟着铺路石的老师学英语

The Young Bakers Learning English with Stepping Stones


At Shanghai Young Bakers, the content of training is not confined to knowledge of bakery. The Young Bakers are also taught to learn skills that can help them in future career, including English.

The English classes are taught by Doris and Dagmar, with the support of Evelien, Christina and Joice, all volunteers from Stepping Stones, a charity organization whose mission is to improve the education and general welfare of disadvantaged children in China.

At SYB, the classes are focused on bakery-related vocabularies and expressions, enabling the students to communicate smoothly with foreign chefs and understand recipes and ingredients in English. We provide the English classes to help the students better prepare themselves for their future professional environment.

The volunteer teachers are dedicated and the students are very motivated. In the class, teachers explained the expressions of different ingredients, tools and recipes in English. And the students repeat the expressions after the teacher. The Young Bakers really cherish the opportunities to learn English and are very grateful to the volunteer teachers! Thank you to Stepping Stones for their support to SYB!


英语课由来自铺路石公益中心的志愿者Doris, Dagmar, Evelien, Christina 和 Joice 教授。铺路石公益中心是致力于致力于为外来务工人员子女和社区困难学生提供英语交流机会和学习辅助的非营利组织。