The Young Bakers and SC Johnson team exchange their knowledge 海上青培坊学员与庄臣公司团队知识交流

The Young Bakers and SC Johnson team exchange their knowledge


In March and early July, the Young Bakers received the visit of a special team: David and his colleagues from the R&D department of SC Johnson, the innovative cleaning products company.


Organized by Judy, the two activities took place at the SYB baking center and were a great moment of sharing for both the volunteers and the students. The morning started with an introduction of the SC Johnson team and a very serious topic “what exactly is dirt?”. After giving a few examples, David, Associate Manager Chemistry, explained about the different products that his company has developed such as Mr Muscle, 84, etc, their respective use and purpose. Almost all the Young Bakers had actually used their products, whether at home or at the SYB baking center, and David insisted on the importance to read and respect the safety instructions at the back of the product. After asking a few questions to the students to test their understanding, it was time for the volunteers to change role, and be taught by the Young Bakers the skill they had been learning for a year: baking. After learning how to bake cookies with teacher Zhang Shuai in March, the volunteers learnt the popular cupcakes in July. Teacher Jin started first demonstrated how to make cupcake dough from scratch, following the recipe which can be easily replicated at home as everything is hand made.  Then the students took over her role and slowly guided the volunteers, step by step, looking for ways to explain and useful advice to give. For the students it was a first time experience teaching someone else and a great exercise to test their patience, ability to communicate and boost their confidence!


While the dough was baking in the oven, the volunteers and students joined forces for another task, actually the most important part of working in a kitchen: the cleaning! Under the guidance of the volunteers, the students put into practice what they had just learnt, amazed by the efficiency of the products! After the cleaning session, everyone gathered to admire the products they had baked, say the last goodbye and take a last group picture!


On behalf of SYB I would like to warmly thanks the SC Johnson team for their time and support to the Young Bakers’ training.



Emilie, Program director


本文由SYB志愿者Lucy Li翻译