Teambuilding with your company’s product in SYB’s recipe!

Each teambuilding activity at Shanghai Young Bakers is tailor-made to fit the expectations of the team. If you’re working in the Food and Beverage industry and are willing to organize a meaningful teambuilding which highlights the products of your company, come to SYB and we will design the perfect event for you!
A great team from the company MANE, producing, inter alia, pastes and flavors for the F&B industry, came one evening to our Baking Center to enjoy dinner and learn how to make soft-skin mooncakes!
Home-made quiches, salads, and a selection of desserts including the well-known macarons were on the menu!
But it was soon time to put on the aprons and chef hats and start learning how to make mooncakes.
Jin Huizi , SYB’s pastry teacher, included the MANE pastes and flavors in the recipe, which made those mooncakes very special for the team!
The result was very impressive: colorful and tasty mooncakes were produced and each person could come back home with a nice box containing 4 beautiful mooncakes.
A very successful event with such a lively team, who supported our charity program while having tons of fun together!
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