SYB’s First Jianbing Experience

SYB’s First Jianbing Experience

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, SYB hasn’t participated in any market events for almost 6 months. As the one in charge of the market, I’ve been trying my best to contact all possible markets, trying to let more people know about us. Many markets are still not open yet, since it is hard to get a food license at this moment. There are also other reasons, such as the prevalence of stall cultures, making many well-located stalls highly welcome but hard to get. High renting prices are also another problem.
So we’re really thankful to receive the support and sponsorship from UnTour Food Tours as well as Perch restaurant, who provided us an opportunity to meet with fans and others again at CAGES restaurant on August 8th. What’s different from the previous bread market is that we actually participated in a very interesting Jianbing competition this time. We made Jianbing with other stall owners invited by UnTour Food Tours. Most of the stall owners there prepared Jianbing Guozi (Chinese pancake), while we prepared sweet Jianbing, which is more like French crepes!

This event was really successful. There were more participants than we expected (We thought there would be around 300 people, but the actual number was probably more than 450). We prepared Jianbing for 350 people and it sold out at 3 pm. As we are the only one who made sweet Jianbing, as well as the only charity organization for this event, we feel very happy and honored to be able to participate in this event. This event also allows more people to know about our program. Some people we met there also wanted to participate in our baking courses and learn how to bake. There are also many friends who would like to be volunteers for our program!

We would like to thank Kelvin and Jamie from Untour Food Tours, the Perch restaurant, the photographer Linfeng Li, and the volunteers who were eager to help us sell raffles (all proceeds from the raffle will be used to support our program), as well as all other stall owners. At around two o’clock, the organizer has reserved enough time for us to introduce our program to all participants. They supported our charity organization throughout the whole day, and did much to help sell as many raffle tickets as possible!
We are grateful to have met UnTour Food Tours, Perch and all other friends in this special year of 2020, and thank you all very much for your support and help! Wish all the best.
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Jing Chen
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