SYB Professional Bakery Training: Take your bakery skill to the advanced level in May!海上青焙坊专业法式烘焙培训: 在五月让你的烘焙技能再升级!

SYB Professional Bakery Training: Take your bakery skill to the advanced level in May!

海上青焙坊专业法式烘焙培训: 在五月让你的烘焙技能升级再升级!

Professional Training Level 1 just completed with success! All participants went home with a big smile, bags of tasty self-made bakery products in arms, essential bakery knowledge and skills they mastered in mind.


During this 4-day intensive bakery training, under guidance of master baker Zhang Zhenghai, bakery enthusiasts learned basic theory, various traditional French recipes and increased their professionalism as well as their passion for bakery. They had a memorable and rewarding journey to the secret of French bakery with SYB. 
Now that the first session has reached its end, the advanced training program Level 2 is open to registration. If you want to strengthen your skills and even create your own recipe, if you have previous baking experience and theoretical knowledge, don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your skill with top teachers in the industry! 
Now check out the students’ excellent work during this professional training Level 1 and see their production!

With SYB professional bakery training Level 2 (May 5th to 8th), you can go deeper into the exploration of what makes high quality bakery product :

–     Sourdough bread, traditional leavened baguette, traditional whole wheat bread

–     All about Danish: croissant, pain chocolat, almond croissant, raisin roll…

–     Special breads: cereals bread, rye bread

–     Sweet breads: banana cake, madeleine, brioches

–     French sandwiches

–     Develop your own recipe under the theoretical and practical guidance of the experienced teacher Zhang Zhenghai 

–        天然酸面包,传统法棍和全麦面包
–        关于混酥丹麦酥皮的一切:巧克力包,可颂(羊角),杏仁可颂,丹麦葡萄卷
–        特色面包:多谷物面包,传统黑麦面包
–        甜面包:香蕉包,布里奥面包,麦德琳蛋糕
–        法式面包皮萨饼,法式土司
–        自创面包:集四天的专业操作和理论培训于一身,追求,探索属于面包的自我领域(全程有老师陪同,部分参与指导)
Zhang Zhenghai graduated from the French prestigious bakery institution EFBPA (Ecole Francaise de Boulangerie et Pâtisserie d’Aurillac) and he placed first in the baguette and special breads category in the China edition of the Louis Lesaffre Cup Bakery Competition in May 2015. He was part of the team represented China in the Asia-wide bakery competition in Indonesia in November 2015, which recently won 4th prize in World Bakery Cup in France.

Applicants are required to have completed level 1 of the professional training series, or an equivalent course, in order to participate in this high-level session. 



Level 2 – 2016/5/5 to 2016/05/8: 

5500 RMB for 4 full days (1000 RMB deposit to be paid in advance)

REGISTRATION & INQUIRIES:Contact our social enterprise coordinator below:Mei En: 

or 136 8168 7194





或 136 8168 7194