SYB catering catalog’s update- more options included

SYB’s order service has always been very popular among our customers. In addition to enjoying delectable French breads, pastries and desserts, you are supporting our charity program too. On a regular basis, we update our pastry menu according to the inquiries from our customers so we bring more hand-made products to the market. So what is in store this time?
Our first recommendation is savory pastries.
Bacon puff pastry
The combination of the crunchy outside and the savory bacon is irresistible.
Lentil carrot tart
Lentil with fresh carrot. Once you get started with it, there is no way to stop.
Cheese puff
Sweet but not too heavy, it’s a good choice for afternoon tea break or dessert after a meal.
Salmon cheese puff
The puff is filled with smoky salmon and cream cheese, your palate is sure to be satisfied.
Next up is our bite-sized finger food.
Mini muffinFlavors: Original, Orange, Chocolate, Green Tea
Delicious, fluffy mini muffins will definitely bring a lot of joy to your mouth.
Mini cupcake
Flavors: Original, Orange, Chocolate, Green TeaWe have four different kinds of super cute cupcakes.
Mini passionfruit rose tart
Passionfruit and sugared rose gives it very light taste, a good variety of flavors.
Mini hazelnut chocolate cake
Sweet and smooth chocolate with hazelnuts, brings you different texture.
Pineapple cheese mousse cup
Sweet and sour, rich and refreshing , it is something you will never forget.
Mini cheese cake
The time-honored classic!
Passionfruit cake
Fresh and rich, tropical-fruity, mousse cake, let your palate be teased.
This cake is inspired by the Mont-blanc in the fall and winter when it is snow-capped. Crispy cookie crumbs are used as the base and  smooth smashed chestnuts add more texture.
Last but not the least, we want to introduce you to our holiday custom-made order service and dessert table. We provide cakes decorated with fruits and flowers, fondant cakes, macaron towers, and also dessert tables. Feel free to contact us for your special order.
Naked cake with fruits and flowers
Fondant cake
Macaron tower
Dessert table
Also, we have changed the pricing for some of our products accordingly. We have stopped using the old catalog so feel free to contact us for the updated version.
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