SYB and APM: supporting each other’s charity

SYB and APM: supporting each other’s charity

To operate a charity organization, you need a lot of support from different social groups. Besides receiving help from corporations and individuals, mutual support between charities is another worth-considering way. In recent years, Shanghai Young Bakers and A Pleines Mains (APM) have been exploring this new model of mutual support.

APM is a charity organization that helps orphans, the handicapped and other underprivileged groups by making use of donated goods and money. APM regularly collects new or second-hand items from individuals and corporations, before distributing them to the needy across China, or selling them to raise funds to finance other charity programs. SYB receives funding and material support from APM. Every year, APM would deliver mattresses, bed sheets, quilts, towels, notebooks, bags, and many other daily necessities and stationaries to our new students.

SYB students would visit the APM’s warehouse of at least twice every semester to volunteer. On October 27th, the eleventh batch of students went to APM for the first time, helping with sorting and packaging donated items. Students showed their appreciation towards APM’s support and give back to the community through volunteering and helping other disadvantaged groups.
On behalf of our students, I would like to thank APM for their support for SYB, and the help of Elodie, Annick, Christine, Karine, Camille, Yanxia, and other volunteers who assisted our students that day.

For those of you who love cooking and trying out new recipe, APM has just announced its latest cookbook Baguettes and Fourchettes, a tri-lingual cookbook that shows you more than 70 types of fruits and vegetables you can find in China. All funds raised from the sale of the recipe will be used to support charity programs. Learn to cook healthy and delicious food in really simple ways while contributing to a good social cause, why not?
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Liu Chenbo
Program Director
Translation: Cindia Li