A successful campaign for SYB and Epermarket !

A successful campaign for SYB and Epermarket !

Last Spring, Epermarket (online supermarket in Shanghai) held a fund raising campaign on their website in support of Shanghai Young Bakers!

Epermarket is an online supermarket, which provides its customers with a variety of high-quality products. With the desire to bolster its social responsibility and engage with the local community, Epermarket supported Shanghai Young Bakers for a two-month campaign.

This campaign – lasting from April 1st to May 31st – was aimed at raising funds to supply SYB with eggs. Over the course of these two months, Epermarket customers were offered the possibility to donate 10 RMB worth of eggs to SYB when purchasing groceries online. Thanks to this campaign, SYB received a 7330 RMB donation, which will be used entirely to purchase eggs for our baking center. SYB is extremely grateful for the support and generosity of the 733 customers who participated in this campaign!

As you must know, eggs are an essential baking ingredient! Every year, our students use 1.3 tons of eggs to bake their delicious products. Therefore, this donation is vital for our baking center’s efficiency. With 7330 RMB, we will be able to buy plenty of eggs! Our students are thrilled to profit from this generous donation.

On behalf of SYB, I want to thank again all those who participated in the egg donation campaign and Epermarket for organizing it. We promise to bake some delicious products with our new egg collection!


Emma Louise Blondes

Partnership Manager