Sinodis Chocolate Training

Sinodis Chocolate Training

In July, SYB students paid a visit to the Sinodis Chefs Studio to learn and explore chocolates.
Our students were indeed lucky to meet with the raw ingredient of cocoa powder – the cocoa beans. They learned that the cocoa beans are actually a kind of fruit, whichgrows on lowland in tropical regions. A touch of the fruit allows our students to build a solid image of the raw ingredient itself.

Following the teacher’s demonstration, we witnessed the whole process from chocolate melting to temperature control then to the final products, it was a rather interesting classfor our students and they were very excited to get started.

Our turn to make some chocolates!

Look at our final products!

I hereby, representing the SYB team, to pass on our appreciation to Sinodis for their continuous support!


Mavis Wang
Previous Communication Coordinator
Translator: Cookie