Services for professionals : our expertise for your business!

Services for professionals : our expertise for your business!


Bakeries, cafés, restaurants, food companies can find in Shanghai Young Bakers a very strong ally in developing their business in China. From recipe development to staff training and kitchen rental, we offer a wide range of services to professionals.

Recipe development

Trying out and finding the best recipe for your customers requires time, staff and sometime special equipment. With a strong expertise in bakery and pastry, a very well-equipped Baking Center, project management experience, Shanghai Young Bakers stands beside companies and help them through the whole development process. We can organize brainstorming workshops, define the project timeline, set up detailed recipes (in Chinese, English or French), provide ingredient supplier lists, equipment lists…



Staff training

Teaching is not an easy job. Especially when people don’t speak the same language or have different cultures. Liu Dong and Wang Jinyi gathered as SYB teachers a great experience in this field and are willing to train professionals in our facilities or in their kitchens.
Shanghai Young Bakers can also organize trainings of several days on different themes depending on the need of customers: French pastries, Chinese breads, international recipes… Tailor-made classes for professionals!



Kitchen rental

If you’re looking for a location for a day or more to try out recipes, or teach your staff, you can also rent our kitchen! Come visit our laboratory and check out if that could be a place for your trials.
Please don’t hesitate to contact Anne-Claire for more information at or 185-0211-0870


Anne-Claire Rose
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