Would You Resist Sugar-reduced Macaron?

Would You Resist Sugar-reduced Macaron?

When we talk about French desserts, macarons will never be skipped. They capture people’s hearts with their vibrant colors and adorable look. But many people feel flinched when they know that a small macaron may cost tens of RMB.
Since macarons are popular among the world, more and more people begin to study the recipe for homemade macarons. But how to avoid hollow shells? How to bake pretty feet? To make a perfect macaron, it is necessary to whip egg white properly, master oven temperatures, and proceed with other correct procedures and techniques. The difficulties in the process often lead to defective products. For this relatively low yield and a general high cost of almond flour, macarons seem to only exist behind the decent windows of upscale pastry shops.

Furthermore, few people pay attention to the importance of the fillings of macaron. As a result, many macarons may look very nice and clean, but have no merit in taste except the plain sweetness.
For food, a pleasant look is, of course, very important. The taste is, however, the essence. The balance between look and taste should be achieved during the baking process, shouldn’t it? It is certainly hard to make perfect macarons, but with professional guidance from teachers, you will also be able to make great macarons that are not only beautiful for sharing on your social networks, but also delicious for a gathering and sharing.

That’s why we invite you to join our bakery public class on 20 June to learn about making macarons and brownie. Our pastry teacher, Adele Wang Jingyi, has graduated from the renowned École Française de Boulangerie et Pâtisserie (now École Christian Vabret) in Aurillac, France before, and will bring you the authentic knowledge and technique of French pastry-making. With her professional guidance, you will be able to make your own sweet and delicious gift for your beloved father, for this year’s Father’s Day on the following day. Isn’t that a good idea?
In addition, public classes in June are ready for you. We have contents of classic brownie, mini baguette, breadstick, pretzel, etc. Your participation will be enjoyable and rewarding, and support the SYB charity program at the same time as all proceeds from the activity will help fund our program.

If you are interested, feel free to share the course with your friends, and bring them along with you. Reserve your place now by scanning the following QR code and talk to our Social Enterprise Coordinator.

We look forward to seeing you at our baking center, located on Suide Road in Putuo District, to enjoy the fun of baking, taste delicious pastry, and do charity together.