Public class: Don’t miss the last public class!

Thank you all for your long-time support to SYB’s public classes. Time flies! Our 10th batch students will graduate this summer and here comes our last public class. So don’t miss this chance! Otherwise you will have to keep waiting until this autumn.
Class Content 
Country bread
Brioche (plain & orange zest)
Class Details
Requirement: No experience needed!
Time: 10am – 3pm, Saturday, June 9th
Location: SYB baking center (near Qilianshan Rd Station, Line 11)
Cost: 500 RMB + 100 RMB for lunch (Quiche, salad, fruits, desserts, coffee)
Free lunch provided if more than 10 people registered
In order to ensure a great learning experience to all our participants, this session will have a maximum of 16 people. We also have a minimum requirement of 8 participants per class.
All proceeds from our classes are used to fund SYB’s work in empowering disadvantaged youth through bakery.
If you want to organise a class for your own group of family and friends, or with your colleagues, learning exciting recipes, we can set a private class for you! Contact us for more information.
Interested? Please register for the class through one of the following ways.
Tel:136 8168 7194