Bakers Basket

Enjoy our Bakers’ Basket!

Get French bread and pastry delivered to your office on Thursdays! A simple and delectable way to give back and impact lives! 

Handmade using authentic French baking techniques and the highest quality ingredients provided by SYB’s partners and sponsors, this basket is filled with bread or pastries that are baked by SYB’s students during their classes. 

The products in the basket will vary from week to week, depending on the recipes taught in class and packed according to availability.


Weekly Bakers’ Basket
Receive a basket every week from SYB for 3 months (12 weeks)! 

Monthly Cake Box
Get a cake box for 3 months for a monthly activity. 

Here is a more detailed description about the Bakers’ Basket (see samples below):

Receive a surprise each time you order a Bakers’ Basket!

To register for SYB’s Bakers’ Basket subscription offer, please contact us at


Tel: 13681687194


 Small Bakers’ Basket 
Great for families!

Medium Bakers’ Basket 
Suited for your party needs!

Large Bakers’ Basket 
Perfect for companies and events!

Purchase a basket to help support marginalized Chinese youths through their training at Shanghai Young Bakers!