My understanding of being a monitor – by Zhang Zhenghai

My name is ZHANG Zhenghai, a student aided by Association Marcel Roux, and I come from a remote village in Baoji city, Shaanxi Province. An accident deprived me mercilessly of paternal love, but a volunteer work connected me with Association Marcel Roux. I should thank Association Marcel Roux and all the kind people from Shanghai Young Bakers for giving me the opportunity to this training. They turned me from an unfortunate child into a really lucky boy. Sixteen young people coming from different places across the country were gathered together, and start the journey of bakery.

Just in several days, we got to know each other and we were still at a loss to some extent in the beginning. Even in such a kind of slight acquaintance, many raised their hands during the election of the class captain and I was elected, with surprise but touched as well. I was surprised because I was neither their fellow-villager nor their old friend. We had only had a few words, had only been in the same classroom and the same dormitory. I was even more surprised by the fact that more than half of my “voters” didn’t know exactly my name at that time… but they chose me. In this way, I became the captain. I was asked to come to the front of the class to say something, to make a speech to everybody., as was the declaration of my “taking office”.
After that, I began to think how to do it well. I started my own plan for the position. I feel that the captain is like a mirror, a mirror which lights up others. I should serve my classmates, give them care, help as well as enlightenment. I will work as a model to the whole class as a guy with responsibility and a good player in the team.

A monitor should get to know and understand every classmate as well. As a captain, I should consider our class, which consists of 16 students and the Shanghai Young Bakers team, as my home. Our teachers are our parents and relatives who give us love and care. I should treat every of my classmates as my own siblings and we unite and help each other in our studies and lives, because we are a love-filled, harmonious and happy family. We are all appreciative young people who have the awareness of being thankful for the society and for all the kind-hearted people who have helped us.

In our class, through our studies, lives as well as simple talks , I should do my best to make everybody realize that we are a team. We are supposed to learn to be cooperative, to be grateful, and to smile often, because everyone surrounding us is our relative, our friend. I feel that what I should do is transmit to everybody what I have done the best. Let ‘unite’ become our slogan, because we are together. Love from individual will be united, because we are together. As a captain, I should make my teachers and classmates reassured, make them willing to entrust tasks to me, make all the students be friend with each other to form a happy family, a family with mutual understanding, communication and care.

First things first, I should be responsible, have the team spirit. I should integrate diligence, justice and impartialness into my basic principles, and try hard to help my teachers to set up a class full of liveliness, love and care by using my efforts and communication abilities. Our teamwork will make everybody a qualified student of Shanghai Young Bakers, who will win the approval in the society!

I have the determination and the confidence to be better and better and better!

ZHANG Zhenghai, student of class 1