My job in Carrefour – by Zhang Hongsheng

Supermarket is a place with endless lines of clients, and for a supermarket like Gubei Carrefour, whose turnover stands out among all the supermarkets in China, attends always to numerous clients.

I work in the bakery of Gubei Carrefour. Every day I go to work with motivation, and leave work with fatigue, but I feel my life knows a revival.

In the morning, on arrival at my workplace, I first do the clean-up. Next, I knead dough and bake breads. Sometimes when the delivery man arrives, I have to go down to take delivery. Then I spend the rest of my working hours with bread making. Before a day’s work finishes, another clean-up is a must. Only after that I can leave Carrefour.

But I don’t consider it as a burden at all. “All this is for a better life in the future.” I always encourage myself this way.

I feel honoured to have the chance of being a staff member in Carrefour.

ZHANG Hongsheng, student of class 1