Long Live The King!

Long Live The King!

Have you ever dreamt to be the King? To see all your orders executed? To be admired, feared and respected by all?…
Well, at SYB, we believe that you deserve to be one.
Yes, for real, we can make you the King of the day!
Well, as a King, you might not be ruling any country, but you will have a beautiful crown on your head! Isn’t it the most important?
The only thing you need, is to come to our Public Class!
There, you will learn what every King worthy of this name should know: how to bake a King’s Cake!

Although, there will only be one opportunity: January 19th. If you miss it, you’ll have to come back next year!
Because only the early birds catch the worm, you are expected to arrive at 10 AM, and your royal lesson will end at 3 PM. Do not worry about your lunch, SYB is providing one worthy of your rank.
If you feel like you have King’s blood in your veins, you are invited to come to ShanghaiYoung Bakers’ Baking Centre. This reputable place has already trained 10 generations of students and raised hundreds of vocations in bakery and pastry.

Amongst these countless students, one will be honored to serve as Her Majesty’s teacher: Liu DongSYB, Marriott Hotel, EFBPA, he has learnt from the best. You simply couldn’t dream of a better teacher.

As the King’s Cake is a basic requirement to be a King, we consider this class as a beginner level. You can attend it without problem, even without any prior experience in bakery or pastry. Kids and teenagers are also more than welcome: this Public Class is open to anyone from 8 to 88 years old! ! Kids from 8 to 12 are to be accompanied by one adult. The 12 year-old kids and older can make their own King’s Cakes!

You might as well know that a King’s Cake does not come alone, but with a fève and, obviously, a crown! Once again, you do not have to worry for that either, as we are providing them, with an apron and a hat, any baker’s essential friends. Your Majesty can only bring yourself!

When you will be King, you will understand that unfortunately, nothing is free. Nevertheless, some things are cheap, as our Public Class. 600 RMB is all we ask, for a valuable class, with a dedicated teacher, high-quality imported ingredients, in a professional environment. We make it 500 RMB if more than 10 people register, and half-price for the kids from 8 to 12 accompanied by an adult.
If you feel ready to fulfill your royal destiny, the path is pretty simple: contact us. Phone call, email or WeChat, you are free to choose your way.

Dear future King, we are impatient to teach you how to make your King’s Cake!
Valentin Pivert
Promotion Coordinator