What kind of job preparation is needed for new employees in the workplace?

On July 15th, the 10th batch of Young Bakers has returned to the 34 Learning training institute to receive a training ‘New in the Workplace’ offered by Kay. This training is following a first training on how to find a job.

This course focused on how to deal with communication problems with others; and how to deal with unpleasant things like over working time, miscellaneous, and criticism with the right attitude when entering the workplace. In the learning and life, there are many aspects on how students need to communicate and coordinate with others. And when you have a disagreement with others, how can you solve it through communication? Teacher Kay tells you that firstly we need to understand the social behavior styles of different people. She taught everyone to start with the social behavior styles of four different types: analytical, motivated, soft, and expressive. She explained to everyone, in fact, through the adjustment of their own language behavior, they can let others understand the meaning of what they want to convey, such as to achieve the purpose of effective communication. After the meticulous explanation by teacher Kay, everyone was applying what they just have learned, and they became a coach to analyze the behavior style of the classmates who have been familiar with them for a long time. During the discussion, the students also raised questions to Kay: Some of the students analyzed they belong to the soft type, but also have the characteristics of expressive one. Which type does this person belong to? Teacher Kay carefully answered the questions by raising examples and several interesting short films.

Next topic was what everyone was most concerned about. During this year’s internship, many students have experienced of overtime working hours, miscellaneous, and criticism. Teacher Kay explained these issues from the perspective of the work attitudes of new employers in the workplace and the impact of these experiences on the future. She said that attitude determines everything. If you change your original thinking mode and look problem from another angle, you may have a different mentality and thus change your attitude and behavior. Finally, she warned everyone, using short stories, to be positive to face these unhappy experiences, to turn these experiences into the driving force of their own efforts, and slowly waking to succeed.

In addition, according to the professional characteristics of everyone, Kay also added the relevant content of teamwork. The training lasted for 4 hours, and everyone listened carefully and interacted actively with their peers. Teacher Kay said that through these two training, students can really learn something useful for the future. This is also the fourth year that Kay’s has been supporting SYB. She sacrificed her personal time and has kept working on it. She said that this was only to bring this influence to affect more SYB students. We are very grateful to Kay for her support to SYB program! Thank 34Learning for providing quality training courses, so that SYB students can gain more growth insights!

Qin Pingping
Student Life Management Assistant