More than just baking paper

We don’t mention enough how important in-kind donations are for our program so this is the perfect occasion. This time, let us talk about an absolute must-have for our training, one which we would normally have to buy from commercial outlets…baking paper.
Baking paper plays an important role in all kitchens and bakeries; it is an efficient way to make baking easier and protect baking equipment as well. Additionally allowing for a nice and clean product presentation.

This purchase would normally have to come out from funds raised through our never-ending fundraising efforts but thanks to BRANOpac, we are able to allocate those towards the much needed training program funding. BRANOpac is an international corporate group with a global production and sales network, that produces and distributes high quality baking, cooking and separation papers through its Blechrein ( Click “Read More” to learn more about the brand) brand.

This German brand with long history and tradition has agreed to supply us enough product to cover our yearly training and commercial needs (fun fact, this represents around 25,000 sheets of baking paper!). SYB is honoured to benefit from the company’s in-kind donation.
Our teachers and students have already been spoiled by this top-notch baking paper and its qualities, very much appreciating its functionality. Made from natural, fully recyclable paper and pulp, this products is also protecting the environment!

Thanks to this and other in-kind sponsorships, our students are able to receive a high-quality training that they can use to launch their careers as bakers and pastry chefs.
On behalf of SYB, I would like to thank our new in-kind sponsor who helps us enhancing our program’s quality and making baking more efficient. If you, as an individual, or a representative of your company are interested in supporting SYB’s social mission, do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to:
Martina Beszedesova
Resource Development