July Newsletter: Growing for 10 years, baking for the future

Monday, 9th July was a very special day for Shanghai Young Bakers.

Students share their thoughts

Students with Solidarity AccorHotels
April Ling and Aileen Ma
First, because we celebrated the graduation of our latest batch of students. For one very intensive year, 32 young adults followed classes in French bakery, French pastry, Chinese-style Western bakery, life skills, English, as well as gaining practical work experience in part-time internships at five-star hotels, and taking part in both fun outings and professional master classes. On Monday 9th July we gathered to congratulate each of them for their efforts and growth, and hand them their graduation certificate that they can hold proudly as a testimony to how far they have come over the past year! They now have skills that they can use to build their own future.

Performers from the drums group
GUGU kicked off the ceremony

Mr Axel Cruau, Consul General of France
in Shanghai, opens the Graduation

The students receive their graduating
diplomas from the Consul General of
France in Shanghai and from the
Vice-Director of the Shanghai Charity
Training and Education Centre

It got quite emotional…

I’ve graduated!
Second, Monday 9th July was special because we were celebrating the 10th edition of Shanghai Young Bakers’ training. It was an opportunity to reflect on how far we ourselves have come. We started out as a small group of French volunteers, keen to spend our leisure time on something meaningful, something bigger than ourselves. Now, ten years on, thanks to our supporters, thanks to our partners, thanks to all those who thought we might be a little crazy but that it was worth it to lend a hand to our wild dreams, we have built upon that program. We are now a fully-fledged organisation with a team of 9 full-time employees, our own teachers – our former students who were trained in France – , a network of dedicated professional partners, as well as our own social enterprise whose profits contribute to a fourth of the program cost.

Volunteer teachers from Stepping Stones
led the students to share with the audience
their best memories of SYB, in English

Thanking Lesaffre for their strategic
support since the early days of SYB

Bernard PORA received a certificate on
behalf of Roquette for helping our two
future teachers to receive their further
training in France

Catherine Liu, representing Javier
Gimeno, from Saint Gobain, is funding
the major part of SYB’s upcoming baking
centre renovation works

Gugu drums up the beat!
We believed that bakery could be used as a tool to build a more inclusive society, and together, we are turning this belief into concrete action and tangible results. As Enzo, one of the students, said during the ceremony: “SYB changed my life”.


Cheese and hams sponsored by Sinodis
This is true, not only for him/her and for his/her 31 other classmates, but also for all our team members, and all those who put in a bit of themselves to “bake it happen”.

Mr. Chung To, Founder & Director of
Chi Heng Foundation with students

Thank you to all the volunteers who
helped with the event!

Great supporters!
Over the past 10 years, we have trained over 240 marginalised youth. Over the next 10 years, with you, we will carry this message even higher, to give opportunities where they are few, to invest in human potential, to create sustainable communities, to bake for the future.
Thank you for being part of Shanghai Young Bakers.
Cecile Cavoizy
Executive Director

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