Julien and Inès Internship at Académie du Pain 张帅和金会子在法国Académie du Pain(面包学院)的实习经历

Julien and Inès Internship at Académie du Pain
张帅和金会子在法国Académie du Pain(面包学院)的实习经历

After studying bakery and pastry for seven months at l’Ecole Française de Boulangerie et Pâtisserie d’Aurillac(EFBPA), Julien and Inès had the great opportunity to participate in the exciting opening of a new bakery in Paris.

L’Académie du Pain – which means «bread academy» in French – is the second bakery opened by Christian Vabret in Paris. After receiving the title of MOF – Meilleur Ouvrier de France («best craftman of France») in 1986, M. Vabret created and opened the EFBPA in 1990.
L’Académie du Pain是面包学院的法语名称,它是Christian Vabret 先生在法国开设的第二家面包房。Christian Vabret 先生于1986年荣获MOF——法国最佳工艺师称号,随后在1990年创办了奥利亚克烘焙学校。

Being the son of a baker, he has always wanted to share his talent and passion for bread and has been a great supporter of Shanghai Young Bakers since the beginning. When we decided to select three of the most outstanding students of the 1st batch to France in 2010, they were warmly welcomed at EFBPA to take the CAP diploma before coming back to Shanghai and teach the next batches. end our first students in France four years ago, they also studied at EFBPA before coming back to Shanghai to become the teachers of SYB.
出生于面包师之家,Christian Vabret 一直以来都想要分享他对面包制作的天分和热情,并在海上青焙坊成立之初就成为非常重要的赞助商。2010年,当我们决定从第一批学员中选派三名最出色的学生前往法国进修时,奥里亚克学校欣然接纳了这些学生,让他们在回到上海成为下一批学生的老师之前考取专业技能合格证书。

This year, Christian Vabret embarked our future teachers on a new mission: the opening of a new bakery in Paris. There, Julien and Inès helped during a week to finalize all the details before the grand opening. Then, during three months, they baked breads, cakes and pastries together with their French colleagues.
今年Christian Vabret 为我们未来的老师们准备了一项新任务:巴黎新面包店的开业筹备。张帅和金会子在面包店盛大开业的前一周开始对开业相关细节进行收尾,并在之后的三个月内协同法国同事们一起制作面包、蛋糕和甜点。

Although he was baking a lot of different breads every day, Julien had a recipe-crush on the Miche, a family-size round loaf of bread. As for Inès, she perfected her cakes and pastries and admitted that her favourite recipe was the criolait, a raspberry delicacy.

The SYB team and teachers would like to thank Christian Vabret for offering such great learning and worktraining opportunities to our future teachers!
海上青焙坊的全体人员愿对Christian Vabret 先生为未来老师们提供的珍贵的培训机会表达诚挚谢意!

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