Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB)

Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB) is a charity organization providing a fully-sponsored training in traditional French bakery to underprivileged Chinese youth aged 17 to 23, enabling them to find qualified jobs and lead independent lives after graduation.

Launched in February 2009, sponsored by various corporations, SYB’s one-year training combines intensive classes in both French and Chinese bakery, with practical internships at 5-star hotels. After completing the program, the 32 students can then obtain employment opportunities in bakeries or hotels in Shanghai and all across China.

In order to increase its financial stability, since 2011 SYB runs a social enterprise, which sells bakery classes, bread & pastry catering, and technical consulting services to individuals and companies wishing to contribute to the success and sustainability of the program. All proceeds are used to fund the charity training program.

SYB is managed by a dynamic French-Chinese team and operates under the governance of Chi Heng Foundation.




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Executive Director

The full-time Executive Director leads and manages the operational and strategic aspects of the organization in coordination with the program stakeholders. S/he sets the long-term vision and takes responsibility for the construction, implementation and growth of the program, with its purpose, mission, and strategy as guiding principles.

The Executive Director should work towards maximizing the students’ training opportunities and facilitating their integration into the working world, in particular by ensuring (1) the charity nature of the program, (2) the high quality of the training, and (3) the long-term sustainability of the organization.


Main responsibilities:

  1. Provide direction and leadership in the achievement of SYB’s social mission
  • Set the vision and landmarks for the next five years, lead planning and implementation
  • Manage and develop team members (8-10 full-time staff + 3-5 office interns/volunteers); build a dynamic and nurturing work culture that attracts, retains, and motivates all to grow and contribute
  • Coordinate relations with program partners as well as sponsors and operational partners
  • Oversee use of material and financial resources, decide on potential investments, and ensure economic viability
  1. Drive corporate partnerships, fundraising efforts and new income opportunities
  • Secures sufficient financial resources for the program through fundraising actions, sponsorship proposals, service partnerships, in-kind donations and other appropriate methods; nurture all ensuing relationships; help design and implement appropriate CSR strategies
  • Represent SYB and promote cooperation opportunities at meetings and events
  1. Lead the Social Enterprise component of the organization
  • Define and implement professional standards, appropriate marketing and efficient strategy to ensure an increase of commercial revenue while safekeeping the organization’s social priorities
  • Manage the Social Enterprise team and supervise all commercial activities (public bakery classes, corporate teambuilding workshops, catering, technical consulting)
  1. Oversee implementation of the students training
  • Supervise training program organization and implementation
  • Evaluate training quality and lead improvements
  1. Spearhead external communication strategy
  • Define and lead the external communication strategy
  • Take responsibility for the design and content of all offline and online communication material
  • Ensure promotion of the program and sponsors’ visibility
  • Arbitrate on program’s participation in bakery-related events and focused social gatherings
  1. Ensure the growth and long-term sustainability of the organization
  • Oversee the return of our two graduates currently in France to be trained as SYB teachers, and support the transition into their new role (June-September); lead the selection of two new graduates/students to be trained as SYB’s future bakery trainers.
  • Ensure high quality standards at the SYB Baking Centre to support the professional as well as commercial developments of the program; look over the renovation works (July-August) and follow up on proper arrangements and use of the space.
  • Review ongoing graduates’ survey analysis and reports, and take appropriate measures to follow through with continuous Monitoring & Evaluation work.
  • Support ongoing “Proof of Concept” feasibility study to evaluate opportunity in setting up an incubator that will increase SYB’s social impact by training other organizations to set up and develop their own social bakery program. Drive the ensuing development and scaling up plans.
  • Look into strengthening SYB’s governance, notably with the set up of a specific board or management committee to actively support the mission.


Position requirements:

  • Dedication to work in a growing multi-cultural non-profit organization with a strong interest in social enterprise development. Committed to making a difference.
  • Ability to lead, influence, and make operational and strategic decisions to drive the program as a high-quality, sustainable social model.
  • Strong working knowledge in English, Mandarin, and ideally French (ex: able to effectively lead meetings in any of these languages)
  • High autonomy and sense of responsibility
  • 5-10 years proven experience of program management in a multi-cultural setting. Good knowledge of Chinese culture and working environment.
  • Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills
  • Interest in the food/bakery industry.


Work conditions:

  • Full-time 3-year work contract, renewable
  • Location: Shanghai
    • Office work: Chi Heng Foundation Shanghai office (长寿路武宁路)
    • Events/training operations: SYB Baking Centre (普陀区绥德路889号)
  • Base salary in line with nonprofit standards + fixed bonus depending on qualifications, experience, dedication and ability to increase the organization’s financial viability.


Contact us:

Please send us your application (CV + cover email) on

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.



海上青焙坊 (SYB)












  1. 总体领导和方案协调
  • 确定未来五年的愿景和地标,领导规划和实施
  • 定期更新和管理合作伙伴和赞助商的关系
  • 管理人力和财务资源(团队:8-10名工作人员);制定教师职业生涯规划
  1. 伙伴关系和筹款
  • 通过筹款活动,赞助提案,服务合作伙伴关系,实物捐赠和其他适当方法确保该计划的财务资源;培养所有后续关系;帮助设计和实施适当的CSR战略
  • 代表SYB并在会议和活动中促进合作机会
  1. 社会企业
  • 制定和实施专业标准,适当的营销和有效战略,以确保提高业务收入,同时保护组织的社会优先事项
  • 管理社会企业团队并监督所有业务活动(公开课,企业团队建设,订餐服务,技术咨询)
  1. 实施学生培训
  • 监督计划实施和培训机构
  • 评估培训质量和重大改进
  1. 外部沟通
  • 定义和领导外部沟通策略,并监督所有沟通材料的设计和内容
  • 宣传活动和赞助商
  • 监督参与面包店相关活动和主要社交聚会的计划
  1. 为未来的发展/长期可持续性做好准备
  • 监督两名现任法国毕业生回到SYB教师培训并支持过渡到新角色(6月至9月)
  • 领导选择两名新毕业生/学生接受SYB培训师培训
  • 确保SYB烘焙中心的高质量标准,以支持该计划的专业和商业发展;
  • 促进扩大与其他非政府组织的规划和合作机会,以增加社会影响;例如,与志同道合的非政府组织一起扩大“培训教员”方案



  • 在一个发展中的多文化公益组织中工作,对社会企业的发展有浓厚的兴趣。致力于做出改变。
  • 能够领导,影响和制定运营和战略决策,将项目推广为高质量,可持续的社会模式。
  • 熟悉英语、普通话;会法语者优先(能够有效领导这些语言的会议)
  • 高度自治和责任
  • 在多元文化背景下丰富的项目管理经验。
  • 良好的沟通,演讲和人际关系技巧
  • 对食品/烘焙行业有兴趣。



  • 3年的全职劳动合同,可续期
  • 地点:上海
    • 办公室工作:智行基金会上海办公室(长寿路武宁路)
    • 活动/项目:SYB烘焙中心(普陀区绥德路889号)
    • 外部会议和事件预计
  • 基本工资符合中国NGO标准+固定奖金取决于资质,经验和奉献精神。