The importance of F&B network in Shanghai

Within 10 years, Shanghai Young Bakers has linked to main bakery experts in Shanghai. Thanks to the support of the Food and Beverage industry, Shanghai Young Bakers has become a recognized player for French bakery expertise in China.
The students have fully realized how SYB belong to this network during Bakery China exhibition.
When the students reached Lesaffre booth, they have been really impressed by SYB graduates working at Lesaffre, impressed by their performances during demos, impressed by the large audience acknowledging Lesaffre expertise. All year long, students received from Lesaffre high quality trainings.
On that day it was not only for students to visit partners but also for them to look for information on bakery industry. They have been asked to identify specific companies, to learn on new trends and techniques and to submit a report. It has been a good opportunity for them to confirm their professionalism while identifying bakery industry actors.
Students have been also really impressed to see Chef Romain Perrigot on demo. When they arrived at Grands Moulins de Paris booth, it was difficult to reach the front raw. Billitis Breuil and Romain warmly welcomed the Young Bakers and encouraged them to work hard for coming exams.


Sinodis chefs were really busy preparing the coming demo but once they realized the Young Bakers were there, Chef Indy just came out to welcome them and to pose for a group picture. Their Chefs will provide really soon trainings to the students in order for them to learn baking techniques developed by high quality brands professionals.
In the afternoon, SYB teachers also got the chance to meet their former teacher, MoF Christian Vabret founder of EFBPA in France. Christian Vabret is always keen to sit with his former students and to discuss about their shared passion, Bakery.
Shanghai Young Bakers is thankful to food and beverage actors’ support. Year after year they help our students to become professional. This network helps to improve everyday food and beverage expertise and quality in Shanghai, in China.
Project Director