[French Bakery Secrets] What’s in a name? Origin of the pastry term “Charlotte” [法式烘焙奥秘]“夏洛特”蛋糕名字的来源

French Bakery SecretsWhat’s in a name? Origin of the pastry term “Charlotte”


SYB offers classes that make authentic French bakery accessible to beginner bakers. But for many recipes, to understand baking culture, look no further than the name of the recipe itself. A representative example in culinary history is the Charlotte, a recipe featured in SYB’s baking class on April 11th.


So who is Charlotte? A survey of culinary etymology reveals a surprisingly complex history behind the custard dessert cake. There are actually a few different kinds of Charlotte desserts, all which have their own “predecessors”.


The traditional Charlotte cakes, as well as the apple Charlotte, a popular variation on the recipe, are allegedly named after Queen Charlotte of England (1744-1818), who was a large supporter of apple growers in the region. In the 18th century, French Chef Marie Antoine Careme invented the Charlotte Russe, a cold custard filled cake surrounded by lady fingers. Russe which is French for “Russian,” was added on as a tribute to the chef’s Russian employer, Czar Alexander I. But regardless of the dessert’s famous patrons, some claim that Charlotte simply evolved from the Old English term charlyt, the general name for a custard dish.

传统夏洛特及其由其演变而来的著名苹果夏洛特,传说以英国乔治三世之妻,夏洛特皇后(1744-1818)命名的,因为夏洛特皇后十分支持英国的苹果种植。在18世纪,法国名厨马利·安东尼·卡莱梅(Marie Antoine Careme)发明了一种中间是冷冻蛋奶沙司(custard),周围是手指饼(lady fingers)的蛋糕,并取名为“夏洛特·鲁斯”以致敬他的俄国老板Czar Alexander I。“鲁斯”在法文中是“俄国”的意思。但是也有人说,“夏洛特”只是源自一个古老的英语单词charlyt,意为 “蛋奶沙司食物” 。

Regardless of where the name comes from, the Charlotte is an authentic French pastry that can be adapted with different flavors and fruits, making it a great addition to one of our first baking classes of the spring season. SYB’s May public baking class will take on another famous “female” dessert, the Madeleine, which has an equally rich history.


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