First croissants’ baking class for the Young Bakers! 海上青焙坊学员的第一节法式羊角烘焙课

First croissants’ baking class for the Young Bakers!

On September 1st, the Young Bakers started the French bakery classes with SYB teachers: Zhang Zheng Hai and Wang Li. The first weeks of the training are about discovering the world of bakery and the icons of French breads: baguette, country bread and croissant!

We visited them during their first croissant baking class and found them all very attentive to the teacher’s directions and advice. By the end of the day, they were able to bake traditional French croissants and to taste their own products!


On that day, we were lucky to have the visit of Régis and David, both reporters for the French documentary “Echappées Belles” which will be shown on French TV channel FR5 on October 25th, don’t miss it!

Find out more about the origin of croissants here and follow our weekly bakery stories on SYB’s Wechat account!

SYB Program manager, Emilie




同样的,我们很荣幸的邀请到了Régis和 David亲临课程。他们是法国纪录片““Echappées Belles”的记者,这一记录片将会在10月25日,在法国电视频道 FR5播出。千万不要错过哦!