Cool off in the Summertime

Cool off in the Summertime

Dear friends and supporters of Shanghai Young Bakers, did the days of heavy rain make you feel upset?
Fan Chengda 范成大 (1126-1193), poet of the Song Dynasty, wrote in his poem “Loving Sunny” about the East Asian rainy season: “It’s been raining day after day and I didn’t know spring was over. Finally the sky cleared, but it was already late summer”. The East Asian rainy season is also called “plum rain season” because it generally happens during the plum ripening period. In the Yangzi River and Huai River basin, the special rainy season lasts from early June to early July, during which it is continuous rainy, hot, and humid. It is not easy to get to July; the rains have finally passed and the weather has cleared up. However, the “Sanfu” is forthcoming.

The plum rain season is unique to East Asia, but the intense summer heat occurs throughout all times and all over the world. “Sanfu 三伏” is the Chinese description of the hot summer. The ancient Chinese delineated the 24 solar terms by observing the annual movements of the sun. Each of the 24 solar terms corresponds to the position reached by every 15° sun movement on the ecliptic. The “A bit Sweltering 小暑” is the time in the 24 solar terms that symbolizes the onset of summer, matching up to July 6th-8th in the Gregorian calendar. It also means the beginning of the “sanfu”. It’s not a coincidence. In France, the heat wave that can occur in summer is called “canicule”. This word comes from the Latin word “canicula” which means puppy. Sirius appears every year between July and August, accompanied by the summer heat, which the Romans believed was brought by the canine star. So there is a connection between “canicule” and “sanfu”.
There is a saying that “warm and cold, in the same world we share together”. Regardless of the time or the place, people always share the necessity of cold drinks to beat the summer. The poet Yang Wanli 杨万里 (1127-1206), who is also known as one of “The Four Great Masters of the Southern Song 南宋四家” along with Fan Chengda, once described the Song people’s active demand for flavored ice in a poem. “In the Imperial City, the sun is shining at noon in June, and people in markets are sweating like cooks. Once the sound of vendors selling flavored ice comes from across the river, even the pedestrians who have not taken the cold drinks suddenly all become happy. It is worth mentioning that “June” in the verse is June in the Chinese lunar calendar. In today’s Gregorian calendar, it corresponds to the midsummer of July and August. The legend says that after traveling through China, Marco Polo (1254-1324) introduced this sorbet-style dessert to Italy. In 1533, due to her marriage with King Henry II of France (1519-1559), the Italian duchess Catherine·de·Medici (1519-1589) then brought this beloved dessert to France. Regardless of legend, the first French recipe for flavored ice actually appeared in 1674. The ice-cream as we know it now, first appeared in Paris, France, at the end of the sixteenth century, when the Sicilian chef Procopio Cutò firstly introduced ice-cream in his café. This recipe included not only the traditional flavored ice, but also frozen milk, cream, butter, and eggs. This is where the French flavored ice took its own path.

The need for cold ice in the canicule always seems to be “rigid need”, no matter where it is. Today it’s July 6th. The Sanfu is already on the way. It’s time to start preparing yourself some ice-cream.

Shanghai Young Bakers offers a limited edition caramel nut ice-cream for July. The top layer of nuts wrapped in caramel is crunchy and delicious. The ice-cream as the main part is silky and mellow, with a slight caramel aroma, but not overly sweet. The bottom layer is a mixture of caramel sauce and cake. The cake itself just has a bland taste, but it does a great job in neutralizing the sweetness of the caramel sauce, and the soft texture of the cake brings a different experience from the ice- cream. The caramel sauce also contains almonds, with a rich taste and a slight caramel flavor. Our caramel nut ice-cream is cold and delicious, with distinct layers, each containing different manifestations of caramel, giving caramel lovers the most perfect enjoyment.
Would you like to learn how to make this wonderful ice-cream by yourself? Join our new public class “Almond tiles and caramel nut ice-cream” on July 11th, from 10 am to 3 pm, at SYB’s Baking Center. After that class, you’ll be able to surprise your family and friends with the crispness of almond tiles and the sweetness of caramel nut ice-cream.
Event Details:
Date&Time: 11th July 2020,10am-3pm
Location: Shanghai Young Bakers Baking Center, Shanghai, Putuo District, Suide Road
Price: 500RMB/person (including lunch)
Please note: Registration ends on 8th July at 5pm. If there are less than 8 sign ups, the class will be cancelled and everyone who have signed the class will be informed the cancellation before the class. Thank you for your support and we seek your kind understanding.
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Long Zhiyu
Promotion Coordinator