Come to learn bakery together with your friends!

Come to learn bakery together with your friends!


What do you do when you get together with a group of friends? Go to restaurant?Play games?Or go shopping?Our client Seth has made an excellent example for us. One Saturday in April, he invited 9 friends to the baking center of Shanghai Young Bakers. They would learn how to make by their own the tasty and pretty flower naked cake with our pastry teacher Wang Jingyi.


They arrived at the baking center quite early and brought several professional photographers which made us know that they attached great importance to this activity. Before the class began, we had introduced the charity program of Shanghai Young Bakers.  Everybody listened very attentively and asked some questions which they are interested in to teacher and graduate.


Class began! Our teacher presented the recipe and ingredients at first and demonstrated to the participants how to use the machine. Then it was the turn for the participants. After the cake was baked, the participants started the second step which was also the most important part – decorate the cake. They used some flowers, Macarons, golden nuts and some other pastries for decorating. This is the best way to show their creativity. The atmosphere was quite good. We could hear the laughters everywhere. The lovers and the friends got through a wonderful moment together by learning something new. At the end of class, the participants had a spontaneous competition to choose the best cake.   They wanted just to have more interaction among them while the result was not important at all.


One of the participants wrote in her blog:”Actually learning bakery is not so hard. We could add our own ideas and creativity in the process. We could enjoy the happiness slowly during the process.  Not only the cake but also the spirit could be taken home and shared with the family.”……”Hope you could give me more “like” to my article, helping me to cheer SYB on. Let more people know that the charity is so close to us. Everybody could have connections with it by doing some simple and small things.” Their warm-hearted ideas and actions touched us a lot.

If you, who is on the other end of the screen, want to join our interesting and meaningful activities. Please contact us!

P.S. Our bakery and pastry teachers have received one year professional bakery and pastry training in France. We believe that they could make you feel more about the traditional French flavor.

Sara Sun