Awesome Training With Aboro Academy

 Awesome Training With Aboro Academy

On March 10, 2019, the 11th batch of Shanghai Young Bakers’ students attended the third training from Aboro Academy (No.667 Changhua Road)this year. Aboro Academy has been continuously supporting us for many years. They provide our students with free and high-quality professional fitness training 4 times a year.



This training session was directed by two instructors Joshua and Carl, covering learning boxing basics, and exercises that can be performed at home. They started off with a warm-up, then moved straight to the boxing skills, e.g. punching, footwork and dodging. Every step was well explained and demonstrated a few times to make sure the students would fully understand. After that, they were split into groups of two to practice what they just learned on each other.


After the boxing session, two trainers went on to teach students 5 sets of basic yet practical exercises like push-ups, burpee jumps and etc. The young bakers finished practicing each set for 30-60 seconds in groups in a very short amount of time. During the session, the trainers constantly encouraged our students to keep working and push their limits.



After over an hour intensive training, our bakers were all exhausted. They all thought although thistraining was high intensive, it was a very fun experience,  and is a great adjustment method from daily life stresses.



On behalf of Shanghai Young Bakers, I would like to show my sincere gratitude towards Aboro Academy for the continuous support, and to Joshua and Carl for making such an effort to train SYB students on a weekend and Adrianna for her coordination.
Liu Chenbo
Program Director