A memorable stay at Aurillac with future SYB teachers Part 2 在奥里亚克,与海上青焙坊未来导师的难忘聚首(下)

Part 2: Inès and Julien at EFBPA


As I entered the school with them I was extremely impressed by its size and the modernity and quality of their equipment.

The EFBPA school and its directors, Christian Vabret and Nathalie Breuil, have had a tremendous impact on the quality and sustainability of Shanghai Young Bakers. The cooperation between SYB and the EFBPA started in 2011, when the French bakery school accepted to train 3 SYB graduates,whom are now the trainers at SYB, for free.


EFBPA烘焙学校人员与学校主管,Christian Vabret和Nathalie Breuil,都对海上青焙坊的教育质量以及持久运营起到了极大的积极作用。EFBPA烘焙学校与海上青焙坊的合作始于2011年,那年他们接收了3名海上青焙坊的学员,并免费授课,现在他们三位成了海上青焙坊的老师。

This time again, our graduates benefited from the expertise of seasoned bakery and pastry chefs. Jin Huizi said: “I’m really grateful for this opportunity. I have learnt so many new techniques and recipes with my pastry teachers, in a state-of-the-art baking center! Besides, they all know that we will become teachers at SYB, so my trainer here would often let me grade my fellow students and comment on their products to give me an opportunity to practice.”

After having witnessed them struggle to learn the basics of French in Shanghai, it was very moving for me to see them interact in French with their friends and teacher so seamlessly… using technical vocabulary that most French people wouldn’t know of!

而这一次,我们的毕业生又能师从于资深面点师,且受益良多。金会子说:“我很高兴能有这次机会。我从糕点课老师那里学到了很多新的技术与配方, 并且能在最顶尖的烘焙中心学习!另外,大家都知道未来我们会成为海上青焙坊的老师,所以我这里的老师经常让我点评同班同学们的作品,以此给我锻炼的机会。”


What was obvious to me as well was the kindness of the teaching and management team, who had spared no efforts to make sure that their stay would go well and that they would make the most out of this experience. Nathalie, the deputy director, observed: “I’m always very impressed by how quickly and well they adapt to such a different environment…It has really been a pleasure to have them here and I’m sure that they will make great teachers at Shanghai Young Bakers!”

After 3 days of stay it was already time for me to take the (mountainous) road again. In the name of all the SYB team, I would like to warmly thank again all the teachers and bakers of the EFBPA school and Vabret bakery for their care. By training the future SYB teachers, your help will make a difference for dozens of marginalized Chinese youth!

Last but not least, stay tuned for the rest of Zhang Shuai and Jin Huizi’s adventures…they are now doing a second internship…in Paris this time!




Floriane 林兰

SYB program advisor