The 12th Batch of Students’ First Exploring Tour in Baking World

The 12th Batch of Students’ First Exploring Tour in Baking World

On a nice afternoon of 25th September, our students of Group A of SYB visited several representative bakeries in Jing’an District accompanied by two of our teachers. These bakeries are varied in features of French, Japanese and Chinese style.
This tour would provide the students with multi-perspectives in future study and career development, and it would expand their horizon. Before the tour, the students carefully previewed their task, which included 8 questions about bakeries. The students would see different details in the baking world by observing and thinking from varies perspectives.
In these bakeries, the students not only saw the bread and pastries they had learnt, but also had a better understanding of other kinds. Attracted by the scent and color of those bread and pastries, the students can’t help but praised them a lot, took photos and wrote down the key points on their notebooks.

After listening to the explanation from our pastry teacher, the students found answers of all their questions of baking. They have expanded their attention from the very beginning in the admiration of products and focus in baking techniques, to the style of store decoration, exhibition structure, marketing strategy and bread varieties, etc.

Seeing the orderly operation by the staff in operation room and the clean desk after their work, the students realized what need to improve and learnt that only by continuous hard work can they become more professional.
The students learned a lot during the bakery tour in this brief afternoon. We believed they will gradually improve in theoretical knowledge, professional skills and comprehensive qualities in future study and practice!



Communication Coordinator


Translator: Shen