[French Bakery Secrets]The 3 Most Common Macaron Mishaps [法式烘焙奥秘]自制马卡龙三大常见问题

[French Bakery Secrets]The 3 Most Common Macaron Mishaps


Macarons are perhaps the most iconic of all French pastries. Petit treats of vibrant colors and flavors, they often beckon from boxes, platters and bakery windows. But just because one can freely savor the bite-sized cookies doesn’t mean that the same can be said of the baking process. More often than not, macarons emerge from the oven warped, wonky and lopsided. Below, Shanghai Young Bakers explains the three most common macaron mishaps.


1. The crispy shell is warped or cracked:

The outcome of the macaron’s outer layer, which contributes to its crunch texture, is directly related to how the cookie dries during the baking process. If the shell is warped or cracked, it usually signals that it did not fully dry. This is especially hard to achieve in a humid environment.



2. The cookie is too flat or “doesn’t grow feet”:

If the baker spends too much time mixing the ingredients, making a pasty rather than fluffy consistency, the cookie will not puff up in the oven.



3. The macaron leans to one side:

If the air or ventilation in the oven only blows in one direction, it’s likely the macarons will come out crooked or leaning to one side.


马卡龙出现倾斜在烤箱中,有时其通风以及空气的流动方向是固定的, 制作出的马卡龙就会出现倾斜的问题。

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